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Since 2013.
Our history is the evolution of the CCMGS project, becoming Confnow! in 2018.

These are our customers. And friends.

AIDEA – Accademia Italiana di Economia Aziendale

The Confnow “history” actually begins with Aidea in 2013 when, for the first time, the Scientific and Organizing Committees decided it was time to convert the entire submission, reviewing, approval and registration process into something more structured and, of course, web oriented. So here’s where we had our first chance to put Confnow “on the field”.

Aidea conferences take place every two years, so till now we had the great opportunity and privilege to host four editions.

SISP – Società Italiana di Scienza Politica

We are glad to work with SISP since 2015 with their annual conference as well as general web support!

Convegno 2015 – Arcavacata

Convegno 2016 – Milano
Università Statale di Milano

Convegno 2017 – Urbino
University of Urbino

Convegno 2018 – Torino
University of Turin

Convegno 2019 – Lecce
University of Salento

Convegno 2020

Convegno 2021
Online only

Take a look at them all

Convegno 2022 – Roma
“Sapienza” University of Rome

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Associazione dei docenti di economia degli intermediari e dei mercati finanziari e finanza d'impresa

Summer Conference 2020 – Online

Winter Conference 2021 – Online

Summer Conference 2021
Online and On site
University of Palermo

Winter Conference 2022
Online and On site
University of Venice

Summer Conference 2022
Online and On Site
University of Bari

Information on latest Adeimf Conferences


Social Impact Investments International Conference

SIIIC 2020 – Online

SIIIC 2021 – Online

SIIIC 2022 – Online and On SITE

More information on Social Impact Investments International Conference


Also we had the chance to go well beyond traditional academic conferences. We could successfully help more and more events with our platform, our support and our experience: