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Confnow! main features consist of

A complete management system of the submission procedure (so as to receive abstracts, full papers, presentations, posters, whatever),

A fully customizable review process (meaning: tell us your review form, and we’ll make it for you – or use one of our templates),

A flexible conference registration module (provide online payments or set wire transfer instructions, or consider letting participants to pay cash as they get to the event – Confnow! will take note of everything).

A powerful program management module (the whole grid of the conference program will be “at your fingertips”).

A fully customizable “alert” system both via web and mail, for sending appropriate mail notifications – to authors, participants, referees, topic managers – concerning information, deadlines, reminders, memos.

And above all this, every user takes advantage of easy-to-use personal pages that fit their conference role, and give them all necessary tools for monitoring, working, accepting, evaluating, submitting, and much more.

The Confnow! wizards will guide you through the crucial steps needed to get the job done, up to the very beginning of the conference itself, and during the conference as well of course.

An online Confnow! helpdesk will support you in any technical aspect concerning the usage of our plaform.

Enjoy Confnow!