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Keep calm and stay organized with Confnow! We are here to help you keeping everything under control, since the very first “Call”, up to the very significant days of the conference itself. Forget the mess of emails as well as (dis)organized sheets, and let us walk with you all along the workflows, consistently.

About us

what confnow! does

fully customizable

Add your custom look & feel by using your company or association logo. Define a conference lexicon based on your specific terms concerning topics and sections of your future conference, as well as the works that have to be submitted (papers, abstracts, posters, projects, ideas, …)

personal pages

Every single Confnow user has personal pages and tools based on his/her role within the conference. Every role has its personal alerts as well. User account may span through different conferences, for instance if you have multi-year events.


Wizards and tools and much more. Let us guide you through the organizing process since the very beginning. Our system (and our team as well) will help you seeing the path, as well as foresee issues and prevent problems. Let us connect events and modules for you!


Fully customize your conference calendar with all your parallel sesions, paper presentations, round tables, special and plenary sessions, and so on. Use our unique tools to check for potential conflicts. Publish the Program in several ways and shapes.

and much more! such as?

email alerts

Set your personal email alerts for any sort of common deadlines. You may also create your custom alerts.

fully printable

Take advantage of fully printable pages and reports, filter in any possibile way your papers and conference people.

custom registration

Create your conference registration procedure by wholly integrating Paypal or by giving bank wire transfer instructions and then get online the receipts.

custom certificates & invoices

Give to your participants personalized attendance certificate online as well as custom invoices.

difficult times

blend? Hybrid!

Confnow! is more than ready to help you organize (and broadcast as well) your “blended” or, even better, “hybrid” conference, if not a totally online event, so as to let everyone enjoy it, and be actually involved.

Start now

We are here to help!

Take a look at our features. And let us know what you need.

get involved

which events?


Confnow! absolutely fits for university related conferences, and generally for any sort of academic event where a reliable and consistent review process is fundamental, as well as submission procedures for authors of course.


Confnow! also helps you to organize users, participants, presentations for symposiums or seminars or whatever events where you could nicely involve people in advance so as to collect registrations, ideas, and payments as well, if necessary.


Anything. From live events to remote events, even blended ones, or "hybrid" if you wish, can be adequately managed through Confnow! meaning actually managing rooms, virtual and real ones, as well as any "live" presentation


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don't take our word for it. here's what some of our clients say

"Confnow definitely helped our committee in appropriately managing our conference, [..] and specifically organize papers and reviews in a pleasently simple manner."
Prof. Alessandro Salvini
IEEE Oipe Conference 2016
"Confnow system [..] ultimately proved itself to be the optimal solution in automating the whole annual conference [..] Confnow is easy to use and supported by an excellent technical team [..] For this, and many other aspects, we strongly suggest using Confnow for any conference."
Prof. Luca Germano
SISP Conferences 2015-2016
"With Confnow for Eauh2018 we magnifically hosted and managed 1550 users, 960 submissions, 803 conference participants, as well as 100 sessions."
European Association for Urban History
EAUH 2018 Conference
Confnow! helps AIDEA in the process of organizing Conferences since 2013, every two years
Accademia Italiana di Economia Aziendale
Conferences since 2013
"We had our first online conference in 2020 thanks to Confnow! [...] helps us for just everything!"
Prof. Daniele Previati
ADEIMF Conferences 2020-2021
“Lavorare alla progettazione e organizzazione del nostro convegno AIDEA 2019, in cui erano attese circa 500 persone e la sottomissione di 230 paper, senza l’ausilio di ConfNow! sarebbe stato quasi impossibile. [...]”
Prof. Francesca Culasso
AIDEA Conference 2019
Confnow! helps SISP in the process of organizing Conferences since 2015, every year
Società Italiana di Scienza Politica
Conferences since 2015
"Confnow! è il punto di riferimento per i nostri convegni, online e non!"
Prof. Carlo Maria Travaglini
Presidente Centro Ricerche Roma
"Confnow, thank you for the amazing job you did on the ICREFH 2021. Registration was so smooth and access to abstracts and papers was so easy. And I could easily retrieve my enrollment invoice when I needed to get reimbursed by my university. And this is not my usual experience with conference websites [...]"
Prof. David Bell
OHIO University
"I wish to thank Marco Gori (Confnow!) for the professionalism and courtesy shown at the Summer Conference that took place in Palermo in September [...] The success of the Conference [...] was certainly the result of excellent teamwork. At the heart of this team was Confnow! and its staff [...]"
Prof. Enzo Scannella
President ADEIMF Organizing Committee 2021